Day 1: Time Travel Hats!

Madeline began the lesson today by dressing up in a variety of different hats. With each hat was a prompt for the students to address: what does this hat say about me? The hat pictured above inspired tales of cowboys and cowgirls and long days in the sun.

 The last hat was a very special one. This hat was made by Madeline and includes images and decorative items that represent her. Not only can this hat tell others about Madeline, it also has the extraordinary ability to take her on adventures through time!!!

The students would have the opportunity today to create their very own time travel hats. First, Madeline demonstrated techniques to use when painting the hats. Then, each student used his or her learning log notebook to brainstorm ideas for their hats. Madeline explained that we would be using these hats every friday to journey through time and learn more about the world around us.



Some students were very focused on thier sketching.

 Madeline went around the room to look at all of the sketches.

When the students had finished brainstorming, they lined up to be fitted with a hat.

Here one of the students is painting a puzzle peice to represent one of her favorite things to do.  

Everyone had a great time creating their hats and making the ideas in their learning logs come to life!


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