Week 6: Wax Resist Robots

Today the students pretended to time travel to the future! Stephanie began the class by asking the students what types of objects they have in their homes that help them cook, clean, or are used just for fun. The students immediately thought of vacuum’s, refrigerators, and pets among several other household objects. Stephanie than showed the students several examples of the wax resist technique used in several drawings of futuristic robots.

Examples of robot drawings done by Stephanie to show the students the wax resist technique.

Stephanie showed the students how to first draw using the oil pastels and how the pastels will work as a wax resist when water is applied.

The students were instructed to draw their own robots using the wax resist technique. Each robot had to have a specific function and each student came up with their own unique qualities for each robot.

One student explained the specific names and functions for his robots."Notebox is the cooking droid, TX20 prints money, and Mousetoid goes around on wheels and carries things on his back like a mouse."

This students discribed her robot as a robot that feeds her. "He feeds me because one hand is a fork and his other hand is a spoon."

One student worked diligently on his dragon robot and as he began to use the red oil pastel crayon stated, "Red is a very powerful color."

Some students chose to work on black paper which they came to realize changed the appearance of the oil pastels.

The student who named his robots continued to work and create more robots, this time adding "robot flying bugs that hunt like drones. They eat the city and bring back the pieces to me so I can build my own city."

One students describes how his robot has "a gourmet restaurant and a hot tub in his hair." He also explained that "with just a dabble of green it looks great!"

Using the wax resist technique, this student realized how the water skipped over the parts where she had drawn with the oil pastel. "Its mouth is weird because it is a screen that scans so it can talk. It can walk my dog and feed my fish. Her name is tennis ball head because she can take off her hand and bounce it! She also has invisible arms and legs!"

This student colored his dragon robot first with the oil pastels and then added a background using watercolors and the wax resist technique.

When the students finished their robot drawings they could experiment with different colored paper and draw more robots or they could try to build their robots using wooden blocks.

One student works on building his robot out of wooden blocks.

One student discovered a block with a camera drawn on one side. She proceeded to take pictures of the other students in the classroom acting as a photographer.

Stephanie ended the class with a short discussion circle where she had the students say one thing about their robot and it’s main function. The students then returned safely from their time travel journey to the future just in time for recess in the present day. Tune in next time to see where the students time travel with Mary as their teacher!

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