Week 8: Clay Dinosaurs and their Habitats

Pretending to time travel back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the land, the students continued learning about dinosaurs by discussing the types of homes, or habitats, the dinosaurs might have occupied. Taking a lesson from Michael Recycle, the students reused shoe boxes by transforming them into dinosaur homes using an assortment of assemblage materials like cotton balls, colored paper, and plastic wrap. Students were also given the opportunity to add any finishing touches to the dinosaurs they had created from the previous class.


This student decided to give his dinosaur the ability to carry his entire family on its back. His dinosaur has rooms and compartments that house his family and each person has their very own slide. The student’s room is “at the front of the dinosaur near the head so that he can tell it where to go and what to do.” In order to supply power to the different rooms, the dinosaur also carries a power source on its back.


This student's dinosaur has compartments and private rooms for her entire family, and it also has a swimming pool that it carries on its back. The student commented, "the textures on my dinosaur are places for me and my brother to play in."



Students that were finished making their dinosaurs worked diligently on making a home for their dinosaurs.

Students working on creating homes for their dinosaurs using shoe boxes and the technique of assemblage.

"My dinosaur can go anywhere. You imagine where you want to go and you push a button on the dinosaur, and you're there," this student proclaimed. To show that her dinosaur could go anywhere, she built a habitat with a lot of different spaces for the dinosaur to travel to like school, her grandparents, the Squinky store, and many others.

This student's habitat has many luxuries available for his dinosaur. There is a television set and a chair made out of paper for the dinosaur to enjoy movies and shows, and there is a blanket made of moss to keep his dinosaur warm.

The same student noted that his dinosaur's moss blanket fell apart easily and created a mess, so he constructed a colorful broom for the dinosaur to use "to get the dirt out."

"My dinosaur lives in a park with a pond. It likes to swim when it's warm out. My dinosaur also has a bed made out of feathers." When asked why she chose feathers, she said, "because it's soft and my dino likes feathers." The pond in her dinosaur's park also has a special feature: it has "colored fish that the dinosaur can step on to get in and out of the pond, but it doesn't hurt the fish, because the dino doesn't weigh that much."

After the hustle and bustle of clean-up, Merry brought the students together to talk about their work. Merry asked the students to describe one thing they liked about their dinosaurs and then to say one thing they also liked about their dinosaur’s habitat.

Students sharing what they like about their dinosaur and its habitat.

Today concluded another successful day of time traveling back to the time of the dinosaurs. Stay tuned for next week’s installment where the students will have the opportunity to paint their dinosaurs.

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