Summary Newsletter:

Lesson 1: Time Travel Hats and Licenses

In order for the students to begin the time travel process, students required a device to start off their travels: hats. Students were taught mixed media techniques using collage and paint to create time travel hats. The students created hats that were unique to each of their personalities, and they included painted stories, self-portraits, portraits of family members, favorite colors, and other things on their hats so that people from other lands would be able to know who they were and what they were like just by looking at their hats. Students also included an assortment of buttons and knobs on their hats that when pushed or turned would take them on their journeys through time. Once students had made their hats which would allow them to time travel, students had one more requirement to fulfill before they could officially time travel; the students made licenses to time travel so that they could legally travel from one time to another. Students learned about the importance of self-portraits, and they learned about the proportions of the face for which they applied by painting their own faces.

  • 21st Century Skills:
    • Creativity – Students used creativity to design their hats.
    • Communication – Students refined their communication skills by using visual messages to express themselves.

Lesson 2: Ancient Japan

Stop number one in the time travel adventures took the students to ancient Japan where they learned about the printmaking technique of engraving. Students learned about Japanese gardens and how they were built as places for relaxation and meditation. Students also learned about the stone guardians that protect the gardens, and students used the process of engraving to make their own guardians and Japanese gardens.

  • 21st Century Skills:
    • Technology Literacy – Students learned skills necessary to utilize new tools in printmaking such as brayers and ink.
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving – Students learned to problem solve by addressing issues of negative space versus positive space while carving their Styrofoam plates.

Lesson 3: Medieval Time Period

The next stop in the time travel adventures took the students to the medieval time period where kings and queens ruled the land. Students learned about the structure and function of castles and compared and contrasted this information with modern homes. Students also learned about the technique of assemblage, and used a variety of craft materials to create two-dimensional castles.

  • 21st Century Skills
    • Technology Literacy – Students used materials and tools such as scissors, cardboard, paper, etc. to explore the technique of assemblage.
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving – Students solved design issues through the use of three-dimensional materials.

Lesson 4: The Future

On this day, students traveled far in time to visit the future. The students were introduced to robots, and they learned that robots are used to help human beings perform chores. Students compared and contrasted robots of today, like washing machines, printers, and blenders, with their versions of what robots would be like in the future. Students then created their own robots using the ideas that they had brainstormed by employing the technique of wax resist on paper.

  • 21st Century Skills
    • Technology Literacy – Students used oil pastels and watercolor paints to explore the technique of wax resist.
    • Innovation – Students used their imagination to design and create robots with specific functions.

Lesson 5: Dinosaurs

Traveling farther in the past than ever before, the students found themselves visiting the land of the dinosaurs. Students learned about different dinosaurs, like tyrannosaurus-rexes and stegosauruses, and the characteristics that make them different. Students were then taught the clay technique of “pinch and pull,” which they used to create their own dinosaurs. Upon firing the dinosaurs in the kiln, the students were able to paint their dinosaurs using color mixing properties that had been taught in previous art classes. The students also created homes for their dinosaurs using assemblage techniques that had been learned earlier in the semester.

  • 21st Century Skills:
    • Technology Literacy – Students used clay and various texture tools to explore a new three-dimensional art medium.
    • Creativity – Students used their imaginations to construct dinosaurs with unique forms.

Colorado State Standards





Lesson 1: Time Travel Hats and Licenses X X X
Lesson 2: Ancient Japan X X
Lesson 3: The Medieval Time Period X X
Lesson 4: The Future X X X X
Lesson 5: Dinosaurs X X X

Art made by Denise's class and displayed in the art show.

Self-portrait paintings and robot drawings from the art show

Time travel hats and clay dinosaurs from the art show.

Students observing and talking about an artwork from another class.

Students talking about artwork from other classes with Madeline.

Merry asking students what they think about plaster masks made in another class.

Stephanie and students talking about a collaborative work from another class.

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